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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

IQ Text

Q: What's the difference between a kiss, a car, and a monkey?

A: A kiss is so dear, a car is too dear, a monkey is you my dear.

Q: What will happen to a wooden car with a wooden wheel and a wooden engine?

A: It wooden start.

Q: Bakit intsik ang kinikidnap hindi bumbay?

A:Kasi pag bumbay, ang bayaran ng ransom ay hulugan, sa intsik cash!

Q: Why is breastmilk still best for babies?

A: It's fresh and contains antibodies for protection against infection. The best is that it comes in a very attractive container!

Q: Why should we not pass judgement on Monica Lewinsky?


Q: Ano mangyayari kay tweety bird kapag uminom siya ng viagra?

A: Magiging BIG BIRD.

Q: Ano ang difference ng bading at cannibal?

A: Ang cannival kumakain ng ka-URI, ang bading kumakain ng ka-ARI


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